Want 1:1 access to industry experts?

Hooked Up Creative is a proud co-host of LinkedIn Local for Berkshire alongside local businesses TP Talent, and Talie Prowse. 

The premise is simple; collaborate face to face with your virtual network. We connect local businesses to create a local community to share information & learn from one another.

We meet in person inviting a guest expert once per month and each week we invite a guest expert to host a 'Facebook Live' session in our private Facebook group - yes, the irony of a LinkedIn group primarily using Facebook is not lost on us! LinkedIn just doesn't currently have the functionality we require.

The Facebook group 'lives' are free to join and we charge £10 per ticket for the in person masterclass sessions. ALL proceeds go straight to a local charity our members nominate.

This is your chance for an audience with industry experts.

Meet our experts

Kimba Cooper

Instagram Expert

I teach eco friendly and sustainable businesses how to get leads from Instagram through Free 5 day challenges and my online interactive mastermind.

Martin Baines

Sales Training Specialist

I provide no nonsense sales training, support and coaching that simply works! I help clients to increase their sales without the need for ‘pushy’ techniques and to grow their confidence, ability and results.

Layla Allen

Mindset Transformation Coach

I help self-doubters stop sabotaging their own lives so that they can live the life they really want including a mixture of 12 weeks to transformations, online coaching, mindset breakthrough and clarity.

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Layla Allen

Imposter Syndrome

Wednesday 4th March

Inside our Facebook Group


Join our Facebook Group, internet connection, notebook & cuppa








Andy Steer

All things GDPR

Thursday 19th March

The Royal Foresters, Ascot

£10 (+ free tea & coffee)

Come armed with all your questions on handling personal data & protect your business.

What our members say

Helen Kirkby

I get so much out of the Ascot LinkedIn Local - all the connections I make are really great, especially as they are local. I even got some work directly from my very first meeting which was fabulous. They've had some great speakers too - I've learned a lot from their insights. I thoroughly recommend the group, everyone is friendly and very willing to support all the other businesses that attend.

Proudly supporting local charities

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