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Level up your CV

Hannah Allen | 22-01-21

Word on the street is that the job market is fiercer than ever.

So what can you do to stand out?

How about a mobile ready CV website so you can showcase your skills & your resilience in one easy way?

Meet Mel.... Melanie approached us to create a one page online CV as she was put on furlough and needed to *wow* prospective clients for potential contract/freelance work.

We came up with the following - slightly more than a one pager but the feedback Mel has had so far is nothing short of immense! This is a SURE FIRE way to rise above the noise and get your very own www. into the faces of those you need to take notice.

What does Mel have to say? "I have seen 1000's of CVs in my recruitment career so when I was faced with updating my own, I wanted to create something visually interesting that would stand out and make impact, something that showed my personality and achievements, so much more than just words on paper.

Hannah totally understood what I was looking for and created a brilliant, bright, bold online CV that I could share with employers instantly. It was so effective, I landed the job with the first CEO I sent it to. "

Check out Mel's CV based website here:



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